Please find below news articles on Lamosa's recent activities.

July 16, 2024

Grupo Lamosa receives rating from Moody's

Grupo Lamosa reports that during the second quarter of the year, it conducted a credit rating exercise with the rating agency Moody's Local Mexico, obtaining a rating of "AA+.mx" on the local long-term scale. This rating corresponds to high-quality obligations and is subject to very low credit risk.

The assignment of Grupo Lamosa's rating by Moody's Local Mexico was based on factors such as its solid competitive position, being the second-largest ceramic tiles company worldwide, and its strong market share in the adhesives and insulating and lightening materials businesses in Mexico. The rating also reflects its extensive product portfolio, its high geographical diversification, its high levels of profitability and cash flow generation, as well as a moderate leverage ratio.

Grupo Lamosa is a Mexican company with a track record of over 130 years in the construction industry. It operates through its ceramic tiles, adhesives, and insulating and lightening materials businesses and has a presence in 9 countries, both in the Americas and in Europe since 2021.

June 3, 2024

Grupo Lamosa optimizes its debt maturity profile

Grupo Lamosa informs the refinancing of 18% of its bank debt, for an amount equivalent to $150 million dollars. The transaction was carried out in Mexican Pesos, mainly through a “Club Deal” loan, as well as through a bilateral bank loan. The refinancing transaction was established for a term of 7 years with a variable rate, and with the participation of 3 relationship banks. 

With this debt re-profiling, Grupo Lamosa achieves important benefits, among which are the increase in the average life of its debt, going from 3.8 to 4.8 years; the maturity debt profile is optimized, significantly reducing the amount of capital amortizations for the following 2.5 years; and the release of cash flow to continue supporting the company's growth.

Grupo Lamosa is the second-largest ceramic manufacturer worldwide, a leader in Mexico, with significant presence in the Americas and Europe.

May 14, 2024

Grupo Lamosa Receives Top Recognition at "Coverings 2024" Fair

For the ninth time in the last 19 years, Grupo Lamosa's ceramic tiles business was honored during its participation in the “Coverings 2024” Expo, one of the world's most significant fairs, held from April 22 to 25 this year in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The ceramic tiles business, through its U.S. subsidiary “Roca Tiles,” received the "Best in Show" recognition for the best exhibitor. This top honor is awarded by the Organizing Committee to the best exhibitor in an event that featured over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries.

Key factors considered for this recognition include the integration of its diverse product collections, ranging from the well-known “subway tile” for walls to the latest innovation in ceramics, a 160x320 cm porcelain slab. With this recognition, Grupo Lamosa reaffirms its commitment to innovation and quality in the manufacturing of its products.

Grupo Lamosa is the second-largest ceramic manufacturer in the world, a leader in Mexico, with significant presence in the Americas and Europe.